Consultant and Facilitator

A jack of all trades, and a master of it...

A LEAN Six Sigma practitioner and project manager with experience in managing multiple improvement projects in various industries from manufacturing to financial services.
My diverse experience and open personality allows me to quickly adapt to any environment and culture allowing me to make an impact at any organization.

I specialize in process optimization and change management through consulting and facilitation with a focus on implementing sustainable changes.

My methodology is based on various quality principles such as TQM, LEAN and Six Sigma.



With more than 7 years of experience in using LEAN and Six Sigma in Manufacturing and Financial Services industries I have the necessary experience and knowledge to provide significant improvements and cost savings to your business

With a passion for continuous improvement I always look for small sustainable ways to make positive changes in a build up to high impact projects.



With an open personality and a knack for asking the right questions I effectively and efficiently deliver and share knowledge within groups.

My approach to training is to blend theory and practice to enhance the knowledge retention and impact.

My strong skills as a facilitator coupled with excellent communication skills allows me to effectively deploy operational excellence through embedding sustainable changes and empowering the company’s talent using LEAN Six Sigma methodology.


Black Belt
Green Belt
Design of Experiment