Consultant and Facilitator

Using LEAN Six Sigma to improve your business

Change is often a scary proposition to many companies, managers and staff.

That is why it important to use the correct methodology when embarking on this journey to improve your business.

LEAN Six Sigma (LSS) is not a new phenomenon, with LEAN dating back to Toyota production post WW2 and Six Sigma originating at Motorola in the 80's, but it has recently become the new buzz word for businesses especially in the Service industries such as Financial Services and Healthcare.

Since the introduction of LEAN Six Sigma in the early 90's more and more companies have started to implement the methodology, and many can happily testify that they have had significant improvements.

However, these improvements are often short lived and cease as soon as the LSS practitioner is no longer involved in the project.


Often the improvement projects are left to a select few, the LSS practitioner which is often an external consultant

The solution?

Implement sustainable changes!


Start with small but impactful changes!

    Using LEAN tools I often start with cleaning up the workflow by eliminating waste. Remember waste = DOWNTIME

    This makes work easier which then increases buy-in from the stakeholders, rather than working through opposition

Get the staff involved!

    Your people are your most valuable asset, and as such it is important to leverage on their knowledge and expertise by allowing them to participate in the     improvement projects

    Continuous improvement is only realized when your people have the quality mindset and awareness

Select the correct methodology for your project

Not all improvement projects are LEAN Six Sigma projects, and not all improvements will achieve 6-Sigma capability.

It's crucial that the correct methodology and tools are used when working on improvement project.

The methodology to use, can and should be determined after understanding the problem statement, project-scope, -budget, -timeline and -expectation.

How does it work?


Consulting Services

My strong and diverse experience as a LEAN Six Sigma consultant allows me to determine the appropriate methodology and tools in order to achieve your desired business goal.

My value added services includes a detailed analysis of your current capability, formulating a SMART problem statement, get management BUY-IN, and creating a continuous improvement culture through empowering employees


Training Services

As an ACTA certified trainer I develope and deliver contextualized training materials that are relevant to your business and employees and therefore are proven to be both efficient and effective

As a facilitator (not an instructor) I creat a culture of continuous improvement and increase the quality mindset by involving your employees and allowing them to suggest and implement their own ideas.